Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work? is a searchable online database of independently-curated Spotify playlists, with detailed information including curator name and contact information.

Access to the database is by membership only. Members may access the database anytime, 24/7. There are no complicated Excel spreadsheets to download or difficult software to learn. You can search for playlists in our database using your web browser. You can also save playlists to create your own custom target list.

What kind of Spotify playlists are listed in the directory?

We focus exclusively on independently-curated playlists. Our directory does NOT include:

  • Official Spotify editorial playlists (“Rap Caviar”, “Mint”, “Your Favourite Coffeehouse”, etc)
  • Spotify algorithmic playlists (“Discover Weekly”, “Release Radar”, etc)
  • Major label playlists (Filtr, Digster, Topsify, etc)

The independently-curated playlists in our database include playlists that are owned and controlled by regular users and other users such as:

  • Artists, musicians and bands
  • Music blogs
  • Companies and brands
  • Events and festivals
  • Magazines
  • Radio/TV stations
  • Independent record labels
  • Industry influencers, such as talent bookers and music executives
  • Other personalities, such as authors, athletes, social media influencers and other public figures
  • Other Spotify tastemakers

To learn more, check out Spotify 101: Understanding the Spotify Playlist Landscape.

How many Spotify playlists and curators are listed in the directory?

Currently (as of May 8, 2024) our directory includes 9,854 independently curated Spotify playlists owned by 3,771 independent music curators.

We update our directory frequently to add more playlists and curators as we discover them.

Do you include playlists from other services? (e.g. Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, Amazon, Tidal, YouTube)

No. We focus on Spotify playlists only. (Many of the curators in our directory do, however, maintain their playlists on multiple platforms.)

What information do you provide for each playlist?

We provide the following information for each playlist:

  • Playlist name
  • Playlist description (if provided)
  • Total # of tracks currently on the playlist
  • Total # of followers
  • The primary genre(s) of the playlist (up to 3)
  • A list of up to 50 sample artists included on the playlist
  • Any submission notes or instructions (if provided)
  • A link to a submission form for the playlist (if available)
  • Information about the curator of the playlist, including:
    • Curator name
    • Country (if known)
    • Curator type (if known)
    • Curator popularity (i.e. the number of followers the curator has on Spotify)
    • Website and contact form (if applicable)
    • Email address (if known)
    • Link to their profile on submission platforms SubmitHub and/or Groover (if applicable)
    • Links to any known social media accounts, such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, LastFM, Tumblr, and/or Reddit
  • The date this information was last updated
How often do you update your playlist directory?

We update our playlist directory every month with new additions and updated data.

Can I search for Spotify playlists by genre?

Yes. You can enter any genre in the search box – from acoustic pop to metalcore to west coast rap – to find independent Spotify playlists that feature that genre.

Can I search for Spotify playlists by similar artists?

Yes. You can enter the name of any artist in the search box to find independent Spotify playlists that feature that artist.

How many playlist adds will I get using your directory?

We can’t guarantee how many playlist adds you’ll get using our directory. This depends on several factors outside of our control, including: how many playlists you pitch, how well you’ve selected your targets, the overall popularity of the genre, and (of course) the quality of the track you decide to pitch.

How is better than other Spotify contact directories?

SIZE: We have more playlists and curators listed in our database than any other Spotify contact directory on the market.

DATA QUALITY: We take great care to ensure our data is current and accurate. You can verify the “Last Updated Date” on every record in our database. If you ever find an error, you can report it with one click and we’ll correct it ASAP.

USER-FRIENDLY: Our searchable online directory is easy to use. Search by genre, mood, keyword, or sample artist to find appropriate playlists and curators. Hone in on the most relevant playlists by filtering and sorting your results. Use the Save function to build your own custom target list.

I already have a promoter or publicist promoting my music. Why should I use

We firmly believe artists are the best representatives of their own music – especially when it comes to pitching music to independent playlist curators. Here’s why :

  • AUTHENTICITY: It’s important to remember that independent curators are music fans. For many of them, crafting the perfect playlist is a labor of love. These curators therefore value authenticity and the opportunity to make direct connections with music creators. In our experience, most independent curators tend to respond best to personalized, courteous messages sent by the artists themselves.
  • DIRECT CONNECTION TO FANS: When you send your music to someone who’s made a playlist that’s a perfect fit for your song, you’re making a direct connection with a potential lifelong fan of your music. We believe YOU should own that relationship – NOT your promoter or publicist.
  • COST: A subscription to is less than the cost of a single campaign with most promoters and publicists.
I curate a playlist on Spotify. Can I submit my playlist to your directory?

Yes! You can submit your playlist to our directory here.

I have another question that’s not answered here.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] and one of our team members will get back to you within 24-72 hours 🙂