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PlaylistRadar.com helps you find independent curators who already LOVE the kind of music you make, so you can reach new fans and grow your audience on Spotify.

What’s inside

By the numbers

3,771 Independent Music Curators

We’ve researched over 3,700 independent curators from around the world, including music bloggers, artists, record labels, companies and brands, music festivals, radio/TV, magazines, social media influencers and more.

9,854 Independently Curated Spotify Playlists

Our directory includes close to 9,800 meticulously-researched playlists. We don’t just list playlist titles and descriptions – we also provide the primary genre(s) for each playlist, as well as a list of sample artists included on that playlist.

Total Reach: 143,126,030 Followers (and counting…)

Share your music with millions of potential new fans. Combined, all the independently-curated Spotify playlists in our directory currently have a total reach of over 143 million followers!

Take charge of your Spotify promotion.

Getting added to Spotify playlists doesn't require spending lots of money or hiring a PR company to send your music out to a mailing list. All you need is GREAT music, authenticity, and the willingness to make lasting connections with the RIGHT curators.

We firmly believe artists are the best representatives of their own music. That's why our mission is to provide independent artists and bands with the most helpful and user-friendly tools and resources available to share and promote their own music.

Powerful search features

Powerful search features.

Search for relevant playlists by keyword, mood, genre, or similar artists. Find the best playlists to target, quickly and easily.

Sort your results by relevance, playlist popularity, curator popularity, or most recently updated.

Want to target a specific market? You can even filter your results by country or by curator type.

Accurate, up-to-date data

Accurate, up-to-date data.

Say good-bye to hours of frustrating research and expensive, out-of-date contact lists.

We constantly update our directory with up-to-date information – including (where applicable) curator websites, submission forms, and social media contact information.

You can also verify the last updated date on each record in our directory, so you can feel even more confident about the quality of our data.


From our members

Playlist Radar helped me reach out to so many Spotify playlists I wouldn't have found otherwise. I was able to find playlists that matched my music perfectly. It's easy to use, and I'm very happy with the attention my music is getting. Thanks!

SØLYS Michael Chambers (SØLYS)solysmusic.com

Playlist Radar is an incredibly efficient resource for artists who are looking for an user-friendly and straightforward process to connect with playlist curators for their music.

Emilio Bonito Emilio Bonitoemiliobonito.com

Playlist Radar has helped me to personally connect to a number of playlist curators and get my music heard by more people than I ever thought possible. If you want to get your music heard on Spotify, it is a must-have.

James Wyatt Crosby James Wyatt Crosbyjameswyattcrosby.com

As DIY artists, we've found Playlist Radar to be an amazingly valuable tool. We were able to find playlists that fit our songs and connect with the curators who create them. This allowed us to get our music out to thousands of new listeners and reach over a million streams on Spotify.

Of Gentlemen & Cowardsofgentlemenandcowards.com

Playlist Radar is exactly what we needed as an independent label. The service has given us a chance to connect with music curators around the world, and by doing so the artists on our label have been able to reach new markets and connect with new fans.

Celestial Voodoo Celestial Voodoo@celestialvoodoo

Playlist Radar is a great tool for independent artists and managers of emerging artists. It allows you to diversify your playlist submissions and not rely solely on official playlists selecting your songs.

Omar Lodge Omar Lodge (abm MUSIC)

The database of information within Playlist Radar is the most comprehensive and detailed that we've ever seen! They've made it simple to pinpoint the playlists that would fit our niche genre. Playlist Radar gives you the "in" to contacting Spotify curators, and teaches you how to approach them. Playlist Radar is a must-have for any independent artist!

The Dreamboats The Dreamboatsthedreamboatsband.com

Playlist Radar is an artist friendly, effective tool for an artist at any level to reach many more ears than they could through traditional aggregators. It gives you the tools not only to connect with, and contact Playlist curators, but also the means to search, filter, and save for later, which in an invaluable time saver when sending out multiple pitches. The site is easy to use, well put together, and has great artist tips and tricks, which makes it an invaluable resource for artists.

Ophelia Syndrome Ophelia Syndromeopheliasyndrome.com

As an independent musician, Playlist Radar has given me the opportunity to target new markets and fans. I have been able to connect with numerous playlist curators from around the world that have added my songs to their list. This has expanded my reach and I look forward to continuing my subscription to Playlist Radar. Every independent musician should subscribe.

Kojo "Easy" Damptey Kojo "Easy" Dampteywww.kedmusic.ca

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